Haitian Fellowship Church

History of Our Church

In 2003 God called me for a special task in South Florida and the Haitian Fellowship Church was born. Plant a new congregation is not an easy work. However I had to respond to the call. With a group of individuals who are still passionate about the Great Commission we formed the Haitian Fellowship Church to be "The House of Success". This congregation sole purpose is to honor God by sharing Jesus' love and fulfilling the Great Commission. We have been doing this work day and night; and we will keep doing it until we meet our Master. We are grateful to God for His grace, mercy, and guidance. The task is very challenging but His power sustained us, His presence enabled us to renew our strength and mount up with wings as eagles. In April 29, 2013 we acquired our place of worship, a beautiful building where we will conduct our services and continue to present the Gospel to a lost society.